Modern PCB Assembly Services with Consistent Quality

Through the use of modern, flexible and well-maintained surface mount technology (SMT) lines, SEM is able to consistently achieve high yields and quick turnarounds. At SEM, we have invested in equipment that allows flexibility to produce almost any size board with high precision. We have developed our processes to consistently produce predictable results.

SMT  Capabilities

Some of the ranges that we process through our automated SMT lines:

  • Component size from 01005 to large BGA
  • Board size from any smallest size to 27” X 30”
  • Thin flex circuits to any available thickness PCB
  • Leaded process and RoHS process
  • Clean and no-clean process
  • Single sided and double sided SMT only and mixed technology boards
  • Prototype, low-volume and full production runs
  • We have 4 full prototype/ production lines