Electronic componentsMaterial Handling Solutions

    At SEM our customers enjoy true freedom for their material handling solutions. We work with the model that best fits your needs.

    We offer the following material handling solutions:

    Consigned material

    We provide a vast range of services to fully complement our customers’ requirements. We offer labor-only service in the form of handling material provided by the customer. We can assemble the boards and test, or assemble, test and build the PCA into complete systems based on our customers’ unique environment. SEM also offers a path to start with consigned material, then eventually convert into a full turnkey solution.

    Semi-turnkey material

    We work with any material handling solution that best fits our customers’ environment. We offer a semi turnkey solution where our customers can control and supply high dollar and long lead items from the BOM and SEM supplies the remaining bulk of the material as turnkey. This model offers a low-cost solution to our customers where they can control the cost without dealing with the majority of the line items on the BOM.

    Full turnkey material

    SEM possesses the purchasing power to successfully accomplish all of your turnkey needs. We are allied with a broad distribution force both domestic and abroad, thus providing us leverage for competitive pricing. As our customer, once you have handed us a complete project plan, your cause for concern is eliminated.

    From project inception to shipment, SEM assumes the responsibility of handling the details – from component procurement and inventory control to the assembly and testing processes. By utilizing MRP and a production-control software package especially tailored for contract manufacturers, SEM keeps tight control over our manufacturing procedures and processes.