Sexy young woman doing inventoryCustom Packaging Solutions

    SEM can help you design custom packaging solutions. Depending on your intended use and distribution method, we can design retail packaging, display packaging or bulk packaging. Our staff can help distribute your product to your end customer resulting in saving you time and money.

    Let SEM assist in shipping your fully tested and properly packaged product direct to your end customers. We can package single units in ready-to-ship form or in multi-packaging form to your warehouse.



    Packages delivery, packaging service and parcels transportation system concept, cardboard boxes on conveyor belt in warehouseFulfillment and Direct Ship

    SEM’s complete fulfillment and direct ship services include placement of agency-required labels, serialization of the product, fulfillment, software inserts and flash upgrades on ready to ship boxes.

    We offer fulfillment services so that completely assembled and tested systems can ship directly to your customers without any delay. We can serialize ready to ship single or multi-pack boxes, generate commercial invoices and any other required documentation for shipment within the U.S. or international destinations. Shipments can be processed via UPS, FedEx or any other freight service of your choice.