Electronics laboratory
    Repairs/ Rework/ ECO

    With the help of skilled operators and technicians, SEM offers upgrade and ECO implementation services during the assembly process or as a post-assembly process. SEM is capable of handling customer requests for quick turnaround on repairs, refurbishing, reverse engineering and upgrades on customer products.

    SEM offers an in-house X Ray inspection and BGA rework to its customers, as well as rework, upgrade and post-assembly, ECO implementation, and RMA.

    post-manufacturing-servicesX Ray Inspection and BGA Rework

    SEM offers in-house X Ray inspection and BGA rework.

    Agilent Technology’s 5DX 5000 Series X Ray Inspection System is a state of the art machine capable of many different analysis and reports. Photon Dynamics SX2000 is an easy setup X Ray machine where shorts can be detected quickly and easily. APR 5000 XLS and DRS20 are fully capable rework stations for any type of remove and replace function of any component; BGA, TAB, Flip Chip, QFP, etc.

    With these pieces of equipment, SEM is fully geared to tackle any manufacturing task arising from new packaging types.