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    SEM has over 30,000 square feet ESD safe facility with ISO 9001:2008 registration making us capable of producing high-quality prototype to production runs under one roof. SEM is committed to developing strong partnerships with our customers from the initial stages of the project and supporting them all the way through the growth to full production levels.

    We offer the following production support:

    Prototype runs

    SEM is an engineering driven technically capable company. We understand how important the first turn on of a prototype is for your engineer and for the launch of a new product. We can help you produce prototype runs with high first time turn yields. We take your engineering data and prepare our automated programs. If material is available in machine processing form, we process even a single board through our machines in order to avoid human errors.

    Our independent proto center not only has flexible equipment with a range of component placement from 01 005 to large BGA and PCB size from smallest to 30” X 27”, we also have a dedicated and experienced team that can help produce your proto runs quickly and incorporate changes for you on the fly in real time.

    Pre-Production runs

    You don’t have to take chances with your pilot or pre-production runs offshore. SEM’s offers a wide range of services available in the U.S. at very affordable prices. We can help you validate the design and incorporate DFM and DFT during the preproduction runs. We have four high-speed production SMT lines to help produce any quantity within the time frame you desire.

    Production runs

    With a wide range of services available, SEM offers the best solution for your onshore production needs. We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley in Fremont, CA. We have a Class 1 ESD safe facility with a highly experienced and dedicated team.