quick-turn-proto-typesQuickturn Prototypes

    SEM is an engineering driven technically capable company. We understand how important first turn on of proto type is for your engineer and for the launch of a new product. We can help you produce proto type runs with high first time turn yields. We take your engineering data and prepare our automated programs. If material is available in machine processing form, we process even a single board through our machines in order to avoid human errors.

    Our independent proto center not only has flexible equipment with a range of component placement from 0201 to large BGA and PCB size from smallest to 24X24, we also have a dedicated and experienced team that can help produce your proto runs quickly and incorporate changes for you on the fly in real time.

    smt-1aNew Product Introduction (NPI)

    SEM has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing products for a variety of industries. Our manufacturing facility is fully capable and qualified to serve every industry with any level of engagement that our customer desires.

    SEM excels in providing services for complex assemblies in a NPI environment by using DFX, refinement/ validation of critical processes, documentation, methods of detection, traceability and constant monitoring. SEM offers multiple quick turn options ranging from 24 hours to 72 hours turnaround time, depending on the customer needs.