SEM Quality Policy

    It is the responsibility of all SEM employees to manufacture and service its products to the highest quality standards of excellence in order to meet the customer requirements and specifications.

    It is also the responsibility of all SEM employees to ensure that all products and services enhance the company’s ability to increase overall market share and minimize costs, while striving for continuous improvement.

    ISO Registered Company

    At SEM, we believe in documented processes, training, cross training and continuous improvement as a way of conducting day-to-day business. ISO 9001:2008 registration and ISO 13485 compliance demonstrates our commitment to quality.


    RoHS Compliance

    SEM offers full service RoHS compliance. In order to manufacture per the RoHS requirements, we have added the necessary capabilities from component procurements, material storage, SMT, wave soldering all the way through Final QC.

    RoHS logoThis commitment to compliance required the addition of capital equipment, training of personnel and the full dedication from the management team, which we have accomplished!


    • Quality System: ISO-9001:2008 Quality
    • System and ISO-13485 Standard
    • Workmanship Standard: IPC-A-610 class 1,2,3
    • Soldering Standard: J-STD-001 class 1,2,3
    • ESD Standard

    Total Quality Management Philosophy

    • Data-driven quality philosophy
    • Top Management ISO quality reviews
    • Weekly Quality Assurance and process team meetings
    • Daily manufacturing “Flash” meetings
    • Automated data collection system and reporting

    Process Controls

    • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
    • ESD LogoElectrostatic Discharge Controls (ESD) on floor, benches  employees and equipment
    • Fast, real-time customer deviation and ECO controls
    • Highly trained and cross-trained operators
    • Maximized auto placement
    • Serialization of products as required
    • Computer-generated shop floor travelers
    • First piece and in-process visual, X Ray, and AOI inspections
    • Machine calibration and preventive maintenance