SEM continues to invest in cutting edge equipment and automatic processing. In 2020 we have several planned enhancements to our facilities, especially our material storage and processing. The Juki Intelligent Storage Systems offer an intelligent and efficient material storage solution. By utilizing these systems we will decrease human error, while increasing processing time and efficiency.

Incoming material is scanned and the data is automatically matched with the database of the existing ERP system. The equipment is used for the storage and manual or automatic retrieval of different materials: reels, JEDEC trays, SMT/THT bars, prepared feeders, PCBs, THT components and more.

  • Comprehensive Storage Management
  • Paperless Order Management
  • Monitoring of MSD Components
  • Connection to ERP/MES Systems and Production Lines
  • Component Traceability

ISM 3600

   ISM3600 Ultra Flex

·       Automatic configuration
·       Fully automated storage and retrieval up to 54 reels.
·       7” reel max capacity: 3,600
·       15” reel max capacity: 919

   ISM UltraFlex 3900 Extension Module

·       Extension module can be added to ISM3600
·       Doubles the total storage capacity of up to 7,500 reels

ISM 500

   ISM500 Intelligent

·       Static or manual storage solution
·       Holds up to 640 unique components
·       7/13/15” reels, JEDEC trays, SMT and PTH tubes, PCBs, PTH components and more


   Three New LineMaster Fusion 3D SPI

·       Fully Automated 3D Solder Paste Height and Automated Optical Inspection
·       High Resolution Color Camera with PSI Technology
·       Fully Integrated SPC Run-time charts and Custom Reports
Scorpion Tester

   Acculogic Scorpion Tester

·       Test program generation from CAD data
·       Accurate and consistent test capabilities
·       Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
·       Statistical Process Control (SPC)