AOI Machine At inception 24 years ago, SEM made a commitment to constant analysis and improvement of our tools, equipment, processing, and team. We are pleased to share that this has continued to be a daily priority in all areas of our company.

The Keys to Success

In the Electronics Manufacturing industry being ahead of technology and process trends are keys to success, but sometimes overlooked is the improvement and process development required to offer the best total solution. At SEM, obtaining new and advanced equipment is a must, even more critical is maintaining the effectiveness and efficiency of each machine on a daily and weekly routine. Having dedicated team members analyzing the equipment ensures the programs are being run at a consistent and reliable level. We maintain Key Process Indicator (KPI) logs, which track builds through different departments, adding another important step to our verification process. Additionally, we run sample units through various departments prior to running boards through manufacturing, allowing us to catch anomalies without impacting any product.

Communication and Training

SMT Manager The dedicated SEM team members keep in close contact with our equipment manufacturers. This is a great way to ensure we are getting the most up to date software and equipment upgrades. When new upgrades are available, we provide high level training for our employees, giving them the best knowledge of how to use the equipment and process products with the optimal functions.

Verification of Each Product

SEM takes process validation a step further, by using advanced tools for all data preparation, equipment programming, and inspection. We use a single source software program to prepare in multiple departments; this has improved our time spent on programming and ensures all machines are in-sync with the data requirements. SMT - Fuji Aimx Maintaining equipment is not enough to get the highest yield out of your products. For best practices, we verify every build, repeat or new product, through various departments to confirm we have the necessary results before producing all boards through a process. There are numerous check points to inspect the quality of a board and validate all customer specifications are met. Lastly, automated inspection equipment is used to verify each individual board to ensure each component placement meets our highest standards. Our SEM management team and customers greatly value our commitment to continuous improvement and process validation. It has allowed us to provide superior service and has provided ease and reliability for our manufacturing. Let us show you how our SEM values can add significant results for your products. If you are interested in finding out more about our company or the services we offer,
please give us a call any time (408) 263-3600, ext. 28.