2020 Planned Facility Upgrades


SEM continues to invest in cutting edge equipment and automatic processing. In 2020 we have several planned enhancements to our facilities, especially our material storage and processing. The Juki Intelligent Storage Systems offer an intelligent and efficient material storage solution. By utilizing these systems we will decrease human error, while increasing processing time and efficiency.

Incoming material is scanned and the data is automatically matched with the database of the existing ERP system. The equipment is used for the storage and manual or automatic retrieval of different materials: reels, JEDEC trays, SMT/THT bars, prepared feeders, PCBs, THT components and more.

  • Comprehensive Storage Management
  • Paperless Order Management
  • Monitoring of MSD Components
  • Connection to ERP/MES Systems and Production Lines
  • Component Traceability

ISM 3600

   ISM3600 Ultra Flex

·       Automatic configuration
·       Fully automated storage and retrieval up to 54 reels.
·       7” reel max capacity: 3,600
·       15” reel max capacity: 919

   ISM UltraFlex 3900 Extension Module

·       Extension module can be added to ISM3600
·       Doubles the total storage capacity of up to 7,500 reels

ISM 500

   ISM500 Intelligent

·       Static or manual storage solution
·       Holds up to 640 unique components
·       7/13/15” reels, JEDEC trays, SMT and PTH tubes, PCBs, PTH components and more


   Three New LineMaster Fusion 3D SPI

·       Fully Automated 3D Solder Paste Height and Automated Optical Inspection
·       High Resolution Color Camera with PSI Technology
·       Fully Integrated SPC Run-time charts and Custom Reports
Scorpion Tester

   Acculogic Scorpion Tester

·       Test program generation from CAD data
·       Accurate and consistent test capabilities
·       Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
·       Statistical Process Control (SPC)
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2019 Improvements

In 2019 SEM Made Numerous Valuable Upgrades to Better Serve Our Customer


February: Opened Overseas Engineering Facility

May: Added Two Fuji XPF-L

·        Dynamic head exchange

·        Borderless line optimization

·        Fuji intelligent feeders

·        Line efficiency improved by 160%

·       0.144 secs/ component- 25,000 comps/ hour


June: Added Nordson 3D SPI

·        Co-planarity of chips, BGAs and other height sensitive devices

·        Advanced 2D + 3D inspection

·        1 top-down and 4 side viewing cameras

·       Minimum Component Size: 008004 with high magnification       sensor option


August: Added Vapor Phase VAC 645

·        Integrated flexible vacuum system

·        Oxygen free soldering

·        No overheating of components

·       Vacuum process in the vapor phase for void free soldering

November: Added Two new Fuji XPF-W

·        Fully Vision Controlled Chip Shooter

·        PCB size, maximum: 20” x 27”

·        Capable of placing 160 different components

·       Placing accuracy, QFP parts +/-0.040 mm cpk≥1.00 +/-0.053  mm cpk≥1.33

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SEM Product Design and Layout

SEM Delivers an All Encompassing Solution for New Product Design and Manufacturing

SEM Product Design and Layout

Streamline Electronics Manufacturing, Inc. is pleased to announce in February 2019 we opened an additional electronics product design and layout facility in a continued effort to expand our engineering services. Since inception 24 years ago, SEM has been a vital partner to our customer’s success. We have managed their design and manufacturing needs through the entire product life cycle, ensuring their product is released to market on time and with superior quality.

Is it Time to Qualify a Strategic Supplier

You may be wondering, how much of your project should be complete before seeking out the assistance of SEM. The answer to that varies depending on the company and project. The SEM Team is able to work with people who have the concept of their product, general functions the product should perform, and the overall product application. At other times, we have companies that already have the product design and layout, but need help fine tuning the details to achieve the desired results. Additionally, we have stepped in after customers have had unfortunate events with other CMs, our team is able to get the product through manufacturing and test, and back on track to release to the market.

Get it Right the First Time

This last example shows the critical difference of choosing an experienced and qualified contract manufacturer (CM) the first time. Whether your team is designing your first product or you are seasoned veterans with an established product line, the suppliers you partner with need to be an expert in their field. Investing the time up front to qualify your suppliers will ensure they can perform the requirements as expected, keep the budgeted cost in line, and get the product to market on time.

Not every CM can manage the unique design, planning, and execution required to successfully launch new electronic products.  Some companies may have niche industries they are able to succeed in, or have minimal product life cycle experience; either can hinder their ability to have full scope knowledge of how to proceed at each step of the process. When qualifying your CM, ask the necessary questions to ensure they have a successful history with similar products and are well equipped to meet your product needs.

We believe in Planning and Verification

Three critical areas of success SEM strives to deliver are: quality, cost management, and on time delivery. The SEM Engineering Team achieves this through planning and verification, by utilizing tools like Valor Process Program by Mentor Graphics. This tool is used to ensure the design is properly set up for manufacturing, assembly, and test of the product prior to releasing the build for manufacturing. The review allows us to validate the practical manufacturing of the new product design and make changes prior to spending any costs on the material and impacting the production schedule. Once the project is ready for production release, we utilize this same tool to program a variety of our assembly and inspection machines; allowing for a consistent and reliable source across the board.

The SEM Team continues to enjoy launching products for a variety of industries and looks forward to working with new companies. If you are seeking an experienced partner to help create your products, contact us today.

(408) 263-3600, ext. 28      info@sem-inc.com


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